Lighting and electric-

Mole-Richardson 1600W Tener LED (Daylight)

With a daylight-balanced output comparable to a 2500W HMI Baby Solarspot. The fixture is similar

to other Mole Richardson fixtures with 14" Fresnel lenses, enabling you to use it in the same manner

that you would use an incandescent 10,000-watt fixture, without generating the same heat or drawing nearly as much power.


1200 watt HMI with 4 lenses, scrims, barn doors, magnetic ballast


2K Fresnel – Big ass Mole Richardson light


2K scoop light – Big ass Mole Richardson studio light


2 x 1K fresnels


4ft covered wagon


4ft wide ring light – 20 x globe holders


Source four Leko – 36 degrees


2 x open face 1K lights – No stand adapters on them (great for placing on the ground and lighting up exteriors or foreground)


2x1 generic LED bi color


2x1 Soonwell LED – with softbox, touch screen color temp and intensity control, gold mount battery option


6 x smart globes with app to control color- equal to 40 watt globe output


Crate of practical globes


8 stingers


6 x power strips


1x small squeezer for practical’s (max 650watt)


2x 1K squeezers


3-6 china balls – various sizes






Mombo Combo stand


Triple Riser Combo stand with lollipop


6 x c-stands


2 x cardellinni


20 x grip clips


C-47s – enough to get the job done


6 x sand bags


2 x 4x4 floppy


Gels and diffusion – lots of party gels, lots of CTB, some CTO, 216, 260, opal, quarter grid


Jib – reaches 8-10ft


Jib legs – max weight 35 pounds


4x4 bead board


4x4 frame – skinned with 260


Platypus clamp


Full apple box

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